Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Fierce Entrance

January sure gave us a run for our money with unexpected journeys on a number of fronts.  Thankfully, February seems to have started much more as I would expect for this time of year, with a blizzard.  I am thankful it is happening on a Sunday when we can hunker down at home with candles lit, games played, books to read and the occasional trip outside to keep up with clearing the snowfall.  We have had next to no snow this season, and the white transformation is welcome.  I see sledding in our future!

I began another 365 this year, however due to the events of January, some photos were beautiful and others were quick shots that left something to be desired.  Though they are true to life,  I will not compile them for this post, but moving forward into the year I will summarize them here.

This is also the time of year that garden dreaming begins in earnest.  B listened to an interview on Garden Talk on Friday, and we ordered the book The Market Gardner yesterday, can't wait to get it!

I can not encourage you enough to take a couple of easy steps when you are roasting a chicken.  We always turn right around and put the carcass back into a pot, covered with water and rough cut veggies to cook down into a stock for future use.  It is so simple, further utilizes your food, and saves you money!  Friday B and I made a simple mushroom risotto using the broth from a stock that we made from our Hay Roasted Chicken.  A simply amazing ad lib.  The earthiness of the mushrooms and the hay complimented one another beautifully!

February is certainly making a fierce entrance, I think it is time to make some brownies!

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  1. Sounds like a busy time and I have used those chicken carcasses before for broth. Very tasty!



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