Sunday, September 14, 2014

One Last Round

As I sit here listening to one of the roosters crow....yes when you get a straight run of broilers, you get multiple roosters, I am wrapped in a blanket.  Overnight it seems we have transitioned from late August to October.  Though fall is my absolute favorite season, I cannot bring myself to turn on the heat before mid-September!  Hints of winter predictions to come?  Possibly.  It does, less than subtly, announce the gardens end.  It has produced well for us and now that the plants are all dying back, there is a certain catharsis in final harvests, clearing out, and putting the beds each down for a long, well earned, nap.  One last round of salsa and a final go at sweet corn will only leave applesauce for later this month, so two of the three canners that have cluttered the kitchen will also be tucked away.  I may not quite be ready for the dramatic cool, but it does feel good to wrap up in a flannel shirt, step outside, and fill my lungs with crisp air.  Here is to a VERY long Fall!

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  1. Fall is here in central Kentucky and I love it!



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