Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Summer's Sunset

We have taken the last week to catch our breaths and get back into the routine of school and fall sports.  With harvest also upon us each day has been fast and furious as always.  This morning I feel like we are catching up and getting a handle, so I have a moment to look back.   I took this photo on the last night of our vacation.  A perfect view of our favorite place.  A fitting image as the sun set on our summer.


  1. A beautiful shot. Our schedule is truly hectic at the moment. Getting back into the swing of things is tough stuff.

  2. Gorgeous scene.
    We've been doing the same, catching our breath, savoring the golden moments, preparing for the hectic school & sports schedules. And now this week we took the plunge.. so far, staying afloat!
    Fall is very much in the crisp air today in northern Minnesota.



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