Monday, July 21, 2014

Our Daughters

Our daughters.  Smart, creative, imaginative, old souls.  For months they have dreamt about getting their attire in place and spending their summer weekends at the Renaissance Faire.

Though, the season passes may be in next years reality, hopefully we will get another chance this summer, and this weekend was one to remember.  Spending a beautiful day; half of it getting the perfect peasant chic dialed in.

So proud of my girl, getting into perfect Ren Faire character as she yelled "Lady Rebecca" through the store to be fitted with her bodice. (very against type I assure you, yet the glee in her face when she broke free to do it was priceless)!

Then to top off the glow of the day at the faire, an overnight with her kindred spirit.  Followed by a day planning for a photo shoot.

Look what lovely young wenches ladies, our daughters are turning out to be.

These photos were taken by my good friend Nicole.  An amazing job capturing the beautiful spirit of our daughters.  xo

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