Saturday, June 14, 2014

Hints of What's to Come

This week in the garden we completed another group of succession planting, finished tomato trellis' and continued to work on the irrigation system.  The cucumbers, squash and beans have all emerged and the germination rates were fantastic!  We have adjusted the area of our ever growing flock and after the hint of a predators interest, electrified the fence to keep the birds safe.  This weekend will be peppered with soccer and generalized farm tasks; weeding, mulching, irrigation, another batch of planting, mowing, and maybe transplanting our grafted trees.   All four of the hives have been humming along, and we are watching a giant queen cell eagerly in our Perone hive.  We are hopeful based on its current growth rate, the garden will yield it's first taste of the farm bags to come within the next week or so!

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