Thursday, May 15, 2014

Meadow-Like Grass

Spring mornings on the farm tend to be pretty busy.  Getting the kids up and ready for school, taking care of the ducklings and chicks in the basement, taking care of the adult chickens in the barn, walking the garden, doing a little sporadic weeding or just noticing what is new over night, then heading on to work.   At the tail end of these chores yesterday morning my sight became fixed on a little reddish dot in the grass outside the kitchen window.  After a few moments of trying to focus my eyes on the dot I realized that it was a baby deer nestled down in our meadow-like grass (yes traveling soccer last weekend and then rain have precluded any mowing activities).

We have a family of deer that seem to call our little farm home and last spring I caught sight of a fawn that was a week or so old, but was unable to get a decent picture of it.  Never before have I seen a newborn and yesterday I just watched and watched the little sweetheart.  It was getting lighter and mom was not around, which isn't unusual.  I had hoped to be home and able to see mom come and collect her new little ward, but that was not in the cards.  However, I did get to see his/her first attempt at standing, and then promptly sitting right back down again.

When we returned home later in the day, all that was left of this morning was an indent in the grass.  Mama Doe is well aware of when it is quiet here and took her baby off to a more sheltered spot.  Oh, but how glad I am for our  yet to be mowed meadow like grass, for without it we would not have had our morning visit.


  1. That's really neat. The only wildlife we get around here are squirrels, skunks, maybe a possum once in a while, and some rabbits; the usual near-the-city stuff.



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