Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Roads We Take

As we hit mid week, the hump in the road, my mind swims with new ideas.  I file the early week agenda to the back of my thoughts.  The roads we take, we chose.  Though we may not always have a choice of the terrain, how we respond to it is ours.  Those are the things that allow us to grow and what inspires the roads we choose in the future.  What matters most is that in the rigor of the day we take a moment and recognize the beauty right in front of us.  Do not miss it, it is meant to re-focus us on what is truly important.  How have your roads been so far this week?


  1. The road has been bumpy for us this week with a death in the family along with all of the usual things. But, we continue to be so blessed.

  2. ...did you just reference Supernatural? ("The road so far...") :-D I do love your blog...the photos, ideas, and just simple beauty of your soul abounds within the pages. I hope others find it as encouraging as I.



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