Sunday, March 23, 2014


 After another 30 hour marathon of syrup making B and I headed to bed while the kids caught up on a couple of recorded television shows.  I knew when they were done watching when I heard the piano.  Since Charles started lessons in January, I have not really needed to push him into practice.  Though he typically does not practice as much as I would like, in these beginning stages he very quickly masters and then bores of the lesson.  It is not just with piano, he has much the same understanding of his baritone as well.  What is wonderful is that his piano teacher is teaching him rhythms at the same time and he has a tremendous understanding of the theory of music even as a novice. 

After a couple of duets of heart and soul with his sister, he practiced his lesson.  When B went down to do a final check on our cooking sap, he said the kids were using the computer to play more full versions of the songs that he wanted to learn and then he was trying to key them out and utilize chords (which he is just beginning to learn).  When I came down this morning, the piano and kitchen were littered with printed pages of simple sheet music.  His favorite song thus far is Ode to Joy, and I see he seems to have taking a liking to Beethoven in general.  I would not trade this late night serenade and self directed learning for anything.

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  1. How wonderful that Charles has such enthusiasm for music.



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