Friday, March 21, 2014

Random 5 Friday

1.  We had brunch at a friends house on Sunday.  What could be better than the shrieks of dads and kids participating in some good old fashioned play?!

2.  This week as been a little warmer and the sap has been flowing well.  It looks like we will have another batch of maybe 50 gallons to boil down tomorrow!

3.  Have you ever wondered about what your favorite ice cream says about you?  This is a fun little article.

4.  Here is a very thought provoking article about being too busy, and why we do it.  Shouldn't we all strive for this dream  “leisure . . . will be abundant, so that all can develop the life of the spirit, of reflection, of religion, of the arts, of the full realization of the good things of the world.” Dwight D. Eisenhower

5.  Speaking of dreams, today on the first full day of spring sixteen years ago, I married mine.

Won't you join us for:


  1. This is lovely, Amy. xoxo

  2. Happy Anniversary what a wonderful time of year to have been married. B

  3. Happy Anniversary!
    All that sap has got to be exciting - we aren't set up this year to give it a go, but my husband is paying close attention to conditions, we've dropped back down to below freezing days, so he doesn't think the sap would quite be running good here.
    Good for you guys!
    Being "too busy" is something I have strong feelings about (particularly as a parent) - I love that quote & will have to check out the article. I've written a little about it myself quite a while back, here:
    Shrieks of good old fashioned play are always good!! Have a great weekend.

  4. Happy Anniversary and I love Maple Syrup.

  5. Happy Anniversary! And yay for the sap. I do love me some maple syrup!

  6. Happy Anniversary! Didn't have my favorite ice cream, Michigan black bear...go figure. Did read the story about the purple squirrel which was at the bottom of the page.



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