Friday, February 28, 2014

Random 5 Friday

1.  For the last five years we have made and donated soup for our towns Empty Bowls event.  This year the health department is requiring that all Indy soups be made in a commercial kitchen.  Aside from all of our ingredients and spices, we have to bring all of our pots, pans, cookie sheets, knives etc.  The bags are packed and we will head off to make a parsnip and white bean soup later this morning...all garden fare from last season.

2.  Everyone seems to be very ready for the weekend this week, myself included.

3.  We have an old orchard on our property.  Well, what once was an orchard.  There are five large trees remaining, and though overgrown and dying, still produce very flavorful apples.  B harvested from last years new growth and has stored the samples.  We will be grafting them later this spring and hope to propagate the orchard this year.

4.   It is hard to believe that tomorrow is March first.  The start to the year has just flown.  We are approaching more records for the winter.  Earlier this week we were at 86 consecutive days of snow cover of 1" or greater, only another 20 days or so to break a previous record. With the masses of snow still on the ground that should not be too hard to do.  Regardless, thoughts turn toward spring and we are starting our onions in doors tomorrow!

5.  We should have some big news later today, but I learned early on that nothing is done until the last signature dry.  More to come.

Won't you join in?


  1. I love orchards! Oh BIG news how exciting!

  2. So ready for spring. I've ordered my seeds from Burpee and the garden is we wait!

  3. good luck with the orchard and always enjoy hearing big, good news! bless you for making soup for the empty bowls event. our empty bowls is coming up soon, too. happy friday. stay warm!

  4. Enjoy your day at the Empty Bowls event. Sounds like a neat community service project.

    Our weekend will be extremely cold. We have heifers calving and hope they wait until Tuesday. Low pressure makes animals have babies, so it could be a busy weekend.

    I think it would be fun to have fruit trees.

    Think Spring; hopefully it's just around the corner.

  5. Ooh, a bit of a cliff hanger! :)

    We planted two new apple trees last year, and we're so hoping they have survived this harsh winter. We'll see.

    Have fun with the soup making! Empty Bowls is a great event.

  6. Will have to check back to see about your news! Thanks for sharing your always interesting facts this week. xo

  7. It's to bad that Government "rules" like that interfere in something that is suppose to help people.
    Seriously 86 days with continuous snow on the ground....that's just wrong!
    Hope you got the good news you were expecting.



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