Sunday, February 2, 2014

Adventures in Breadmaking

I was so excited last weekend when the River Cottage Bread book arrived.  I read it cover to cover and among other things committed myself to regular bread making, and learning metric measurements.  Good grief, all of my favorite recipes need to be converted! 

On one of the kids two cold days from school this week, I began a sourdough starter and made my first batch of the basic bread recipe.  Though I am well equipped with my beloved Kitchenaid, I felt that we should experience learning what the textures feel like when hand mixing.  I love that Charles is always all over anything new and messy in the kitchen, so while Sid was out with a friend, he pipped up to help with the bread.

Those first two loaves did not stand a chance and were gone by yesterday.  So first thing this morning, I started another batch, but this time using a generous scoop of my incredibly happy sourdough starter.  It is a couple days before I should be using it, but it already has a wonderful aroma and takes so well to its daily feedings.  The book suggested a rye starter as a favorite, so that is what I am doing.

This lovely dough rises beautifully.  I have been letting it ferment it for about an hour, tamping it down and then letting it go another hour before shaping into loaves and letting prove.

I have ventured once before into bread making, but never used a pizza peel.  I just resisted spending the money on one.  Well just to illustrate how serious I am, I did go out and buy one earlier this week.  Now after using it for two rounds of bread, I have no idea why I was so resistant before, it has already saved me from burns and frustration.  Money well spent!

Since it is Super Bowl Sunday, in honor of the day, and since not a single Monday night football went by without them in my childhood home, BLT's are what's for dinner, on homemade sourdough bread.

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  1. Your bread looks so good. And, here's to Charles!!! Nice to see a young man learning to work the dough.



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