Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Nudge

As suddenly as our 7 inches of snow fell on Monday the temperatures rose to 40 degrees yesterday with hopes of the same for today.  We haven't seen temperatures like these since late fall. Then, it felt crisp and cool and had the promise of holidays, hot apple cider, and enjoying the indoors.  In contrast, after what is proving to be one of the coldest and snowiest winters on record and certainly since we moved here 13 years ago, we are more than ready to spend more time outside.  It was a joy simply walking up our long winding drive with the trash cans in tow.  Funny the simple pleasures; the black top shining through for the first time in months, walking outside with only a light sweater.  I found myself breathing deeper, relaxing and basking in the sun.   Though it seems the thaw will only be about two days before we are plunged back into sloppy winter storm conditions followed again by cold temperatures, it reminds me of how truly lucky we are to be able to experience the seasons with all of their ups and downs.  They only make us that more appreciative.  This thaw comes at a perfect time giving me that boost, a little reminder of the blooms ahead, and nudges me gently forward through the final months of winter.


  1. We have been having some of those nice temperatures and it has given me a boost to make it through the rest of the winter! Stay warm through the next cold blast!

  2. We hit 40 here as well - it felt like pure bliss! :)
    More winter storm warnings on the way.
    I too, love to experience the seasons as we do.
    Love your icicles.



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