Friday, December 27, 2013

Random 5 Friday

Yes, yes, I know, it's Saturday. But after a 12 hour marathon car ride Thursday, we are enjoing a mini family reunion in Kansas.  It is the first time in 4 years that all of the siblings have been together.  So this last random five of 2013 is a day delayed but only due to the mass chaos that ensues when 10 people converge in one place, all talking at once and living under one roof for the first time in many moons.

1.  While perusing flipboard I came across a recommendation for paprika.  This recipe ap is the best that I have tried and I love it!  

2.  It is 50 degrees here in Kansas, which after the last six weeks in Wisconsin feels like summer break.  No jackets for us, oh no, just faces turned toward the sun basking in the light.

3.  Though we spent the better part of yesterday trying to see The Hobbit, it just was not meant to happen.  The first theatre that we walked into we were shocked by the 60" screen on what looked like painted plywood on the wall, not how we were planning to see this cinematic spectacle.  After hurriedly removing ourselves from that situation we headed 35 minutes away to a larger theatre which when we arrived, 25 minutes before show time, was completely sold out.  Sheesh talk about differing experiences!  We will re-group and try again tomorrow.   

4.  We seem to have a solid offer on the house that we have been trying to sell for six and a half years.  Please send good thoughts our way that it successfully closes at the end of January.  I can think of no better way to start 2014 than without this burden.

5.  When traveling, blogging is an adventure from my blogger for iPad ap.  I have no idea how the formatting will look, where the photos will end up, and I can not seem to hyperlink.  Do you have any tried and true methods for blogging on the fly?

Happy Weekend!


  1. Blogging on the fly is always an adventure for me. Best of luck with selling the house. Been there and that is TRULY an adventure!

  2. This is a gorgeous photo, I've done a few blogs from my ipad but gave it up, sometimes now I'll go to an internet café with my USB key of photos... a fun a 5, good luck with the sale, fingers and toes are crossed!

  3. Happy (upcoming) New Year! I haven't gone to five movies in the last five years. The movie-going experience is hideous compared to what it was when I was a kid. It depresses hell out of me. And at the prices they charge now, I expect much more.



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