Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ole' Man Winter's Identity Crisis

Poor ole' man winter, I guess he was just jealous of the glorious fall and decided to start a month early.  In the almost thirteen years that we have lived here, this is the earliest winter.  We have complained in the last couple of years about the sparse snow, but it seems that the early results are in and winter may just pack us a punch this year.

The talk for the last several days, after the chaos of Sunday's light snows, has been of the cold.  In the forecasts over the past week, last night supposed to be the coldest, then moderating to more seasonal 31-32 degrees over the weekend.  That has changed just a bit.  The coldest air will actually be today.  We are waking up to a balmy 13 degrees, and should top out around noon closing in on zero.  Then the winds pick up giving us an evening and overnight of 25 below zero windchills, some forecasters have even mentioned 30 below...pishaw!  We will recover some from the desperate cold, making it back into the twenties in time for some lake effect snow Friday and Saturday.  No longer are we expecting those 'seasonal' temps.  

 But truly, what is seasonal when ole' man winter has an identity crisis and decides to take over?   Stay safe!!

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  1. We are experiencing many of the same not so fun issues with old man winter. Too cold, too early!



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