Thursday, December 5, 2013

Inspiration, Motivation & Green Mossy Spheres

Is it inspiration or motivation, or maybe a little bit of both.  I pin, bookmark, and dog ear many a page of great ideas that I want to do.  Sometimes, more than others, I get a surge of energy to get it done and it is completely stress free.  Maybe because the weather is changing, and we are focusing indoors, or the fact that we had a great rejuvenating vacation or possibly because my focus is on making the house inviting for the monotone gray months.  Regardless of the motivator, I am getting stuff done. 

I loved the moss spheres that were in the most recent Martha Stewart magazine.  Not only a statement piece on the dining room table behind our Nuremberg angel, but it will be a perfect bout of winter color come January.  It is a relativity easy project, almost meditative piecing on the bits of moss, and I am going through hot glue like it is going out of style.  I think that I am going to try to pound out a handful more to give as gifts.  What types of things are inspiring you right now?

1 comment:

  1. the sun, and everyone else's enthusiasm. We are off to find moss tomorrow for a wreath, inspired by brief piece after our News Hour. I am finding it a bit hard getting going this year on Christmas though. (today I'm a robot, failed three times so,yike)



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