Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Fall Clean Up

Last weekend was perfect.  The weather was crisp, sunny and almost 50 degrees on Sunday.  It was our big clean up weekend.  This year we were able to tag team the clean up, with me on the new tractor, letting it do all of the work and B on the old one so it could come behind and suck up what was pre-chopped.  I can't tell you what a difference the tractor has made to getting things done efficiently around here.  We managed to get all of the leaves up and put into the compost this year, and we did it in about 6 hours, where in the past it has taken two full weekends and we still could not get it all up. 

The girls got new bedding inside and out of the hen house.  And the inside clean up was added to the towering compost pile, which was already heating up just hours after the piles started being layered on.

The dead berry canes were all pruned out and cables added for support to all of the beds.  Things just seemed to run smoothly under the crystal clear blue skies.

Even the fountain on the front walk looks picturesque when winterized!

The last thing we did was line the driveway with the winter markers, and it is a good thing too....

because twelve hours later this happened!  We only got an inch and a taste of some very cold air.  In our recollection, this is the earliest snowfall since we moved here twelve and a half years ago.  It will be interesting what this winter brings, though we will happily bask in the predicted 50 degrees again this coming weekend! 


  1. that is a lot of work though you make it sound fun! The chickens look very happy...and imagine snow though it makes for a gorgeous shot.

  2. Looks like you've been busy. - I think the chickens look pretty happy. Oh that snow looks so chilly. So far (fingers crossed) we've only had snow in the mountain areas here. So not looking forward to wintery weather.

  3. Sounds like the new tractor is earning it's keep already. :)



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