Friday, November 22, 2013

Random 5 Friday

through the car window after last Sunday's epic storms

Time has just flown the last couple of weeks and we are now headed full force into the holiday season. I feel more prepared than normal this year.  I think we have finally gotten a good timeline down for farm clean up and transitioning into in home activities.  I am ready to hunker down and simply enjoy.

1.  We are headed to CA today to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. The kids have been in full countdown mode for over a week!

2.  Trying to wrap up work, home, and school concurrently is at once overwhelming and invigorating.  It never ceases to amaze me how much can be accomplished.

3.  We are very fortunate that some wonderful work friends help us out on the farm when we are out of town.  Thanks so much to Heather and Steff, the chickens and bunnies are grateful, as are we.

4.   I hit the big 4 1 last Saturday.  It has been so heartwarming the kindness of friends near and far all week long.

5.  I always try to post when we are traveling, but much depends on how my iPad behaves.  Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving full of family, food and thankfulness.


  1. i remember those countdowns as a kid ... so fun. i remember making my Christmas list ... i had it ready many many months in advance. being a kid is too much fun!!

    hope you are still celebrating your birthday. enjoy it! forget the age ... enjoy the moments!! all of them. big big hugs. ( :

  2. 41 OMGoodness you are 23 years young than I; 41 is a wonderful year, well then most of them are ;-)! It is good to read how so many of your farm-folk get so much help from friends and family, heartwarming! Enjoy your Thanksgiving.

  3. Happy belated birthday and I do hope you enjoy every minute of your Thanksgiving. B

  4. What a lovely rainbow.
    How fun to be spending the holiday with your family. I hope you have a safe trip.
    It is great to have friends to look after our pets so we don't have to worry about them.

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too.



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