Monday, November 4, 2013

Mother Nature Down to the Wire

This time of year is always a waiting game....a Russian roulette of sorts with our trees.  When to do the final mow and leaf composting?  When you have six acres to get cleaned up, you do not want to pull the trigger prematurely, only to have to do a repeat a short time later.  The ash trees lost their foliage a couple of weeks ago, but many of the maples are still clinging steadfastly to their brilliantly colored leaves.  With cooler temperatures and forecasts of snow North and West of us this week, I was beginning to get nervous.

I just love the wind, so when I woke up this morning to the sound of gusting I was excited.  When I ran out to take some pictures the trees were already significantly barer than they had been late last night.  As difficult as it is to capture the true beauty of the wind with my camera, it is almost impossible to adequately capture the majesty of masses of falling leaves.  Just when you are thinking that timing will come down to the wire, Mother Nature swoops in and fixes it!  I know what we are doing next weekend!

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  1. 6 acres is a lot and can understand why you wouldn't want to do the clean up twice...I love the wind too and am convinced she waits just until one is focused on a subject before he puffs and blows, then we don't get a long. Lovely photo with brilliant fall colours. The hammock looks too inviting...



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