Saturday, November 2, 2013

Mead Bottling Saturday

The Ingredients to Mead Bottling Saturday:

*A drizzly gray day
*Luxuriously sleeping in until 7 am
*Copious amounts of coffee
*Catching up on the saved bottle sorting in the root cellar
*Listening to the Lou Reed and the Velvet Underground station on Pandora
*Steaming off old labels and sterilizing bottles
*Running to get corks...darned we're out
*Bottling and tasting mead by 11 am...hey its five 0'clock somewhere right!?


  1. I was wondering how long you'd hold out before sampling. :)

  2. our house has been full of Lou Reed these past few days and I think I'd like to try and make mead.

  3. Interesting! My husband and I were just talking about making mead the other day. Lovely image.



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