Friday, October 18, 2013

Random 5 Friday

1.  Grey & Gold::  After months and months of very little rain to speak of, every storm coming through seeming just to skirt around our community, we had two days of grey drizzly weather.  No real volumes to speak of, but a steady drizzle that left wet heavy leaves dripping and falling.  Last night, the sun broke through the clouds just prior to sunset to give us the most dramatic light.  Perfect for taking our evening walk and planning the next steps to our fall finishing in the garden.

2.  Dehydrating::  Maybe it was all of the rain this week, but I have been on a huge dehydrating kick, as I mentioned here.  This morning I put the last of  ripe hillbilly tomatoes in.

3.  Tastebuds::  One of my nearest and dearest friends and member of our close knit tastebuds dinner club had her baby yesterday.  We are all so excited!  Maybe it is because my babies are tweens/ almost teens now, or because this group of people is our family here with ours being so far away, but it has been especially exciting waiting for this baby to come into the fold.    Welcome Charlotte Quinn and a heartfelt congratulations Daniela and Scott!! xo

4.  Sickies::  It has been one of those weeks.  Charles came home from school Monday not feeling well, a cold, no biggie, but the bigger concern the sharp right side abdominal pain and low grade fever.  The kid never complains about anything and this was a big deal for him.  By Wednesday things were subsiding, though we are still watching him closely as he had the low grade fever again last night.  This morning Sidney seems to be falling with the cold.  It has been a horrible allergy season here, yet I am afraid that what I had hoped were continued allergies for myself may be something else.  Between that and the fact that I am care-giving sickies, I am afraid that I won't be able to visit dearest Charlotte in the hospital as not to expose her to anything...this makes me very sad  :(

5.   Farm Chores::  Last Sunday after soccer we brought out the cover for the cold frame, reinforced it and reinstalled it over our budding greens.  Just in time it seems as we had our first light frost in the forecast for that night.  We are hoping for a break in the drizzly weather so things can dry out some and we can get outside and do some more winter prep this weekend.

Happy Friday!

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  1. Hope everyone gets well soon! We also had some rain here over the mid-week. Wish we had more though. Send yours our way (NTX).

    visiting from R5F.

  2. Oh I do hope all are feeling better soon. Charlotte Quinn is a beautiful name congratulations to the Mom and Dad. Take care of yourself. B

  3. sorry to hear folks are not feeling well. i don't think there is ever a time to feel sick. a big yuck.

    have a good weekend. ( :

  4. Charlotte Quinn what a lovely name..a fall bug seems to be circulating over here too..the colours in your photo are so so beautiful...

  5. That's a beautiful photo, amazing light. I would love to have a dehydrator!

  6. Babies are a blessing. They chose a beautiful name for her. I remember the days of closing up my garden in the fall (we live in an apartment for now, and I miss the garden). I was always so ready to end the gardening for the year, but then so excited to get back at it in the spring. It's good to have that winter break. Have a great weekend. Nancy

  7. Lovely photo and an enjoyable read of your life and area. Visiting via A Rural Journal.

  8. I imagine the wet weather is helping to bring on the color in your area -- that is a lovely capture of the sun coming out!

    Hope everyone gets over that icky cold. No fun!

  9. I love it when the light comes out and illuminates the fall colors on the trees. Sickies around here as well.



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