Friday, October 4, 2013

Random 5 Friday

1.  Harvesting Now:  We picked the first of our drying beans earlier this week.  This peck basket yielded 5 Cups of dried beans.  If canned, these will produce roughly 5 quarts of beans!  These are our lazy housewife green beans left to dry.  They are duel purpose and make the most wonderful drying beans.  Best yet... this was only 1/3 of one of our two rows of these beans, and the part that was a bit more stunted because it was partially shaded!

2.  Compass:  Thanks to Uma who posted the Native American Code of Ethics on her blog earlier this week.  Truly words and actions to live by, that calmed my spirit.

3.  Eating:  This week began October #Unprocessed, a great exercise, and not to late to join in!

4.  Light:  The fall light completes me.

5.  Soul:    So does ^^ this guy.

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  1. Oh, I'll have to look into some drying beans. We've just done snap peas and green beans, and they just get eaten up! Have a great weekend!

  2. Love that photo of you and your hubby -- so sweet!

    Yay for a great bean crop -- I've never had much luck.

  3. Great photo of your and your hubby -- fun! I remember my Grandmother shelling dry beans and putting me to work. Great bean crop! Really like the Native American Code of Ethics. Fun 5!

  4. I love the woman/old fool and growing old together. I think my husband and I are on our way to this....we've been married 45 years now.

    I'm new to Random 5 this week, and thought I'd try and get the gist of it all by paying you a visit!! Happy weekend.

  5. Love a good bean crop- not happening here though- my green thumb was brown all season. You look very happy with your guy!
    ps- I hope I can read this autobot thingie..I have trouble with it alot.

  6. I love fresh green beans, and you guys are still too romantic :-)

  7. as a kid we use to grow green & butter beans - they were delicious & so fun to can & have later in the fall when you were dying for some fresh veggies. ( :

  8. Such a sweet shot of you and your hubby. Charming!

  9. As I grew up, we would pick green beans, break off the ends and with a threaded crochet needle, would string them and hang them to dry. When they got totally dry, pulled the string out and put in a bag...that was yummy eating.

    You can see some ready to hang up here:



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