Wednesday, October 9, 2013

October Brings

October brings us many sights and sounds. As things begin to wind down, there are both spurts of activity, and moments of extreme peace.  It is the time of final harvests, but not quite time to put everything to bed for winter.  Volumes of geese fill the sky in graceful V's.   As they head to their Southern homes their evening roosting grounds are not far from us so the twilight air fills with the honks of settling in and old friends saying hi to one another.

  Some days are overcast.

Other days are crisp and vividly blue.

The berry canes are heavy with late ripening fruits.

The trees and late summer flowers are going out in full splendor.

The garden is finishing with bright orange displays.

But most of all the light and shadows are dancing.  It is a sweet waltz as the light and the dark switch places and we glide our way toward winter. 

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