Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fall Wedding With a Tiny Footprint

Yesterday was a big day around the farm.  We had offered the space as the venue for a wedding.  After lots of running around and prep,  it turned out to be a beautiful day with loads of sunshine, soft breezes, fall colors, and a light rain that began as the party ended.  These are just a few of the almost 200 photos that I took yesterday.

The ceremony was in mid-afternoon, and the light was perfect.  We keep some areas of our lawn longer than others to promote more native grasses.  B had mowed an entrance aisle, and exit aisle to our big red maple, where the chairs were situated in a semi-circle around the tree.

Once the ceremony was complete, everyone filed out into a mingle area just in front of the house for cocktails and appetizers.  All of the furniture was rented from a vintage shop.  Each of the guests received a favor of a blue mason jar with their baby picture attached to it.  They just needed to find their jar, and it served as their drinking glass for the evening, which they then took home.  All of the food was sourced locally and prepared by an area chef.  The lovely bouquets, centerpieces, and arrangements had wildflowers from an area florist and all of the greenery was picked on the farm.

There were game areas all over the yard where people could mingle and play until the dinner bell rang and we proceeded into the tent for dinner and dancing.  There was a photo guest book where each guest could write the bride and groom a message on a chalkboard and have there picture taken as a remembrance.

The night with lit mason jars floating from the trees was balmy and the rain held off until the very end of the evening.  With the exception of beer bottles, there was virtually no waste.  The napkins were all cloth and the dishes china.  As we walked around this morning, there was almost no indication that the yard had been full of people just hours before; except for hay bales scattered sporadically around that served as seating for guests at play. 

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