Friday, August 30, 2013

Random Five Friday

1.  We are officially in the midst of soccer season.  What could be better than to watch his dedication coupled with pure enjoyment.

2.  These brown sugar oatmeal cookies of PW Woman, are fantastic!!

3.   Remember our bumper garlic harvest??  Well, I sold 60 heads of garlic to a local organic grocery store this week!  So exciting!

4.  Our larder is filling nicely with beautiful canned goods.  My hope is that we can keep our energy high through mid-fall to increase this exponentially. 

5.  One of the first things that we did when we moved to the farm was have a big party and to give it a twist, we made it a chili cook-off.  Over the years it has taken on a life of its own and tomorrow is our 6th installment.  We are running around finishing last minute preparations for around 80 people (almost half of who are children)!   This year we have 7 chili entries and 5 pie entries for their respective competitions.  Who will get to keep the chili pig and the golden rolling pin this year??  What better way to spend the final weekend of summer!?

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  1. soccer and football season ... yeehaw! lots of good recipes at PW ... i missed the brown sugar cookies -- thanks for the link. i love garlic and how exciting that a local organic grocery will be selling yours. your larder looks great -- and yummy! have fun at your chili cook-off -- great idea!

  2. Oh gosh, I remember soccer season; the longest sports season in the world! No wonder I encouraged hockey, snowboarding, rugby, field hockey, swimming...anything else...but they still wanted And who had to stand on the sidelines freezing cold, dripping wet, runny nose, smiling encouragingly? Yup! Love your farm party cook-off idea. I'll do that in my next life when I have an organic farm. :)

  3. My boys both tried soccer when they were about 5 -- neither took to it.

    Sounds like an exciting time at your place with the chili cook-off. Fun!

  4. congrats on #2, that is exciting!! we are in the beginning stages of football season, first game isn't till next weekend. i love sports season! have fun at the chili cookoff!



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