Friday, August 23, 2013

Random Five Friday

1.  I am balancing my oh so frou-frou picnic basket for our Ravinia concert experience tonight by filling it with only homemade and garden grown items; cucumber salad, dill pickles, dilly beans, honey, red currant jelly, sweet potato biscuits, and elderberry wine.  I cannot tell you how excited I am to see Lyle Lovett tonight, a long time wish, granted.

2.  In order to milk every last moment out of summer, this week we made our annual trip to the Renaissance Faire, I love that place.  I then took the kids to the pool every day when I got home from work, and we were sure to indulge in ice cream and special meals...because what else do you do during the summer!?

3.  My little girl began the 7th grade yesterday.  Where does the time go?  She is growing up so fast, and meeting the new year head on with grace.

4. The kids are HUGE David Tennant fans.  He is their favorite Doctor (yet they will always give the new ones a chance),  and being not just a pretty face, he's a fabulous Shakespearean actor.  Since we are suckers for BBC America and quite proud that we are cultivating that in the children, we have begun watching Broadchurch.  Beyond my crying through most of the first episode, it looks to be a great whodunnit.  Are you watching it??

5.  Yep, it appears we have another batch of these little ones!

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  1. oh what sweet little bunnies. At first I thought they were puppies. We have begun watching a show with Lyle Lovitt in it. It's on FX and it's more violent than what I normally watch. But it's very good.

  2. Yummy picnic!... Congrats on the babies:)

  3. Your basket is filled with delicious-sounding goodies! Have fun at the concert--I bet it will be great!

    Those bunnies are so sweet!

  4. Love your picnic basket and it's contents. I'm impressed that everything is home grown. Our children grow way too fast. Love your bunnies.

  5. Children DO grow too baby just turned 18...sigh.
    Love the basket...and those bunnies!!!!

  6. Lovely picnic basket! We're huge Dr Who fans here, always have been. I love Tennant too; wonder what the new Dr will be like. A bit of a throwback to the 60's with an older Dr. I like it. Such cute, cute bunnies. In my next life I'm going to ahve an organic farm and bunnies and chickens and everything. :)

  7. Yes! I love Broadchurch AND David Tennant! :)..He's fabulous.

    And yes, summer is for all those beautiful things. I'm trying to grasp its last days too.

  8. Great Random 5 post! Nice lookin' picnic! Enjoy! Aloha!

  9. Wonderful post. The bunnies are too cute. I bet the Lyle Lovett concert was great and love your frou-frou basket. I love Renaissance Faires. What fun! Kids grow up so fast -- enjoy those summers. I haven't watched Broadchurch ... I'll have to look for it.



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