Friday, July 5, 2013

The Elderflowers Have Arrived

We were happy to see when we returned home that we had not missed the elderflowers.   In fact, they are just beginning and I think the blooms will peak over the weekend.  We spent about an hour today driving back roads and foraging and came back with 3 full pecks of them (3 of the above buckets)!

They are a little laborious to pick apart, but with eighty degrees and a soft breeze on the porch, it was just about perfect.

The simple syrup is being made, and these beautiful babies are headed in to steep.  We are using our recipe from last year, but winging it a bit because of the volume.  I am going to be researching some other uses and we will further take advantage of the bumper crop hitting the area over the weekend.    Happy Friday!

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