Friday, May 10, 2013


As I was driving to work this morning, I was thinking about transitions.

When in Mexico, everyone was so friendly and would easily greet us with a 'hola' at every turn.  To which we instinctively returned the greeting.  The sound of it was almost sing songy.  Though only there for a short time, I find that I have to transition myself from using that greeting now that we are home.  The word is so soft when compared to our harsh sounding 'hello', it just felt good to say it.  I guess they are called the romance languages for a reason!

Ever since Google announced that it was doing away with friend connect and the Google Reader come July first, I have been looking for alternatives.  I tried out feedly, but I am just not feeling it.  I recently came across a reader called Bloglovin' and so far it is the best that I have found.  It is easy to maneuver in, visually pleasing, and will import everything that you have saved in Google Reader with the press of a button.  My favorite app to use is flipboard; it melds seamlessly with Google Reader, and they have assured us that we will not lose the blogs that we are currently following after the deadline.  But I am hoping that as we get closer that flipboard will pick up bloglovin'. To transition, I have added a follow me button on the blog, but am also putting one right here...please press it to update your subscription :)
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As you can see from the photo, we finally seem to be transitioning to Spring!  We have been happily munching away at the first tender asparagus spears and had a bumper crop of spinach and kale that we blanched and stored earlier this week.  The weather has been so beautiful that I can even appreciate the rain falling today.  It is not quite so dreary when it beads up on the petals of the flowers!

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  1. i love it when strangers greet each other as we pass them on the street. so cheerful and gives a sense of belonging.

    beautiful bloom.



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