Sunday, April 7, 2013

Natures Gifts

Last night it was warm enough out for the kids to jump 'til dark on the trampoline, and for us to be comfortable walking the property in light jackets. We were able to check the beds that B had filled with dark compost last fall, to see that they were frost free, and ever so slowly warming. It is time. Cooler weather seeds can now go into the ground; peas, chard, kohlrabi, beets, carrots and more greens. We had some rain overnight which helped to minimize the final patches of lingering snow, and further prepare the beds to envelop their little seed gifts.

B's limitations as he recovers will impact how we approach the garden this year. But maybe we will take lessons instead of frustration from it. It will further teach us to better secession plant, be sure that we utilize every inch of space we have, and maybe let a few beds rest. For those who haven't heard from Facebook, or other outlets, B was hit by a USPS truck last week while training on his bike. I am certain that one of those guardian angels that I so believe in, that I made gifts of for both my nieces and sister-in-law last weekend for their baptisms, was sitting square on B's shoulder.

This years garden will not only be a symbol of our sustainable life, but life in general. It will also be a healing garden, yet another of natures gifts.

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