Thursday, March 21, 2013

#scintilla13 ~ Queen Mab and Robert Frost

Introducing the Musical
Charles first grade musical 2010

Memory is an amazing thing.  I have memorized songs, lines from plays, dance steps, really any number of things.  But when it comes to long-ish memorization's  two specifically come to mind.  They are two very different yet equally powerful stanzas, coming from two formative times in my education.

When I was a sophomore(at the time a theater major) in college, I had an amazing diction coach named Jan Gist.  I have always, had a love for Shakespeare.  It was Jan who taught me to truly appreciate the nuances of interpretation.  I remember clearly the practice sessions while preparing Mercutio's Queen Mab monologue.  Jan made sure that I thought about my breath control, tone and 'chewing' my words. She also taught me the importance of  varying my voice as such to bring forth the sarcasm and pageantry in a unique way.   I still remember the words and while thinking about it this morning, realized that here, some 21 years later, I would present this speech in a completely different way, yet using all of the tools that she instilled in me.  Such is Shakespeare, the words so rich, that individual interpretation can be varied and oh so powerful.

Four years earlier, before I became involved in high school theater and was still trying to find my voice through a very shy veil,  I had to memorize and present a poem for a class.  It was here that I found Robert Frost and fell in love with words that would soon be an anthem of sorts following me through my life.  Something that I recite for comfort and inspiration.  The Road Not Taken taught me to take my own path and enjoy the ride.  A play on it is the byline for this blog.

It is funny those things that you remember and that leave lasting impressions.  Of these two distinct memories, one is composed of words I learned by, the other, words I live by.

This post is part of the #scintilla13 project.  Today's prompt: What is the longest thing you know by heart (poem, speech, prayer, commercial jingle)? Why did you learn it?
The Scintilla Project

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  1. Really, I think this is one of the best things to have memorized, ever, in the English language. I'm glad you carry it with you.



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