Monday, March 18, 2013

#scintilla13 ~ Chance Meeting?

Then & Now ...almost 20 years

Was it a chance meeting, or just a matter of timing?  Twenty years ago this May a couple of weeks after I returned from studying abroad, I headed out to visit a close friend of mine who had moved to Kansas.  I flew into Kansas City where we were spending the night and then leaving the following morning on a road trip to New Orleans.  Coincidentally, on the evening that I flew in a couple of friends of hers from school were going to be in town at the same time.  They had just finished a road trip of their own and were headed back to campus to begin their grueling clinical rotations in Veterinary School.

This was the night that I met B.  We went to dinner on the Plaza in Kansas City and the conversation was relaxed, with  maybe a few shy stolen glances on both of our parts, as we realized how effortlessly we clicked.  As the evening progressed it turned into a night full of conversation that lasted until dawn, when we parted ways.  Sleep did not seem as necessary in those days, as after breakfast we headed out just as planned.  My friend and I spent the next three days traveling, adventuring, and enjoying; but decided to return early to spend my last couple of days touring her new home, and maybe spending a little more time with my new friend.  I ended up extending my plane ticket for an extra two days, during that time the buds of plans began to bloom in our conversation.  When I returned home a daily letter writing campaign started between the two of us...yes, this was before email was commonplace.  By mid August, B had used his only rotation off to drive out to visit me and meet my family, I had transferred colleges for my final year, and moved across country.

This week, despite the snow that is lingering well past its welcome, we will see the first day of Spring, which is also our wedding anniversary.  On this cold spring day we will welcome our fifteenth return of the day.  To think, had the timing been off at all, we may not have met that night.  The demands of school may have prevented us from even being introduced once we returned.  This chance meeting, or luck of good timing has produced my best friend, life partner and an amazing dad to our two beautiful children. Our adventure really has just begun, and it has been such a ride so far, I can't wait to see where we go next.

This post is part of the Scintilla Project, Day Six prompt:  Write about a chance meeting that has stayed with you ever since.
The Scintilla Project


  1. Amy...our 20th is tomorrow! Happy Anniversary!

  2. we often talk about all of the circumstances that had to line up for husband and i to meet....and it always gives me a shiver down my spine. i got the same feeling reading your story - so much had to be just right for it to happen! but it was right and it must have been meant to be, just like husband and me! :-) fabulous! and happy anniversary!!

  3. Oh how gorgeous. You two make a beautiful couple and I have no shame when I admit that stories that details the meeting of couples in love are some of my favourites. Romance FTW.



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