Friday, January 11, 2013

Thoughts for a Friday

There are few things that I enjoy more than falling asleep to the sound of a steady rain.  But a steady rain on January 10th seems more than a little out of place.  I know, I know, everyone seems to complain about their weather regardless of where they are or what they have got, and though I long for a little bit of snow play, I am not sure mine is so much of a complaint as a worry.  Last year we had such an early spring that my lilacs bloomed in March, they normally bloom mid June!  We had record high temperatures and well below average precipitation.  Many articles that I have read from dozens of sources predict a similar situation this year.  I have already begun to see the signs of truth in this.   Yesterday I noticed that my crocus' had peeked their little curly heads above what should be frozen the beginning of January!  I worry for the hundreds of old trees that aren't getting their thirst quenched sufficiently.   I have been making calls and trying to put some more structural plans (like running water lines) in place for the garden this year, anticipating what may become our new normal. 

After a long hiatus, I began a new knitting project.  I wanted to make an infinity scarf, so I searched around and found an easy pattern that had just the right combination of what I know how to do and some new skills.  I just taught myself how to 'knit in the round'.  Not too bad!

Each morning as I sip my coffee, I peruse flipboard.  The recipe ap on there is fantastic and an endless source of inspiration for me.  I think that I must try this (maybe I'll use the tip I found about using a 6" round and halving a cake recipe) and this looks like breakfast love, must do stat!

Oh and a 20 foot dumpster is being delivered today, but that is a story for another post :)

Happy Friday!

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