Monday, January 7, 2013


There are a pair of doe that have been living back in the orchard since mid-fall.  I know that we can never really tell, but I feel sure that they are from the same group that lived here last winter.  They appeared with such familiarity and when we catch sight of them nosing around the patchy snow at dusk in the evenings, they always seem to acknowledge our presence. 

Even though we have not had much of a winter to speak of so far, today we began a January thaw.  We have only had a few inches of snow all season but the temperatures have been fairly cold the last few weeks, so temperatures approaching forty degrees, felt pretty good.  It must be that way for all of the wildlife as well.  When I got home at lunch today, one of the doe was at the edge of the drive by the berry patch.  I caught sight of her as I was carrying groceries into the house.  She was probably 30 feet from me, and as I took another load in, I was struck by just how large she is.  When she stands up alert, she is quite close to my height.  She studied me for a few minutes and watched me take in all of my bags before she meandered her way along, perfectly content in the afternoon sunshine.  A few hours later I glanced out the window while I was washing dishes and I saw a red fox slowly trot across the grass, squinting into the sunshine, also looking quite content. 

It is unexpected moments like these that allow me to slow down and truly appreciate the wonder around me, nestled in on the farm.

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