Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Stuff

::  AAhhhchooo!  That is all we seem to be hearing today from Charles.  After years of allergies and different medications prescribed by his doctor for management, he began with a persistent cough 6 months ago queueing a new protocol.   The kid never complains...ever...which allows some time to go by, and I'll notice times when his symptoms are worse again, and this dry little throat clearing cough and seemingly more frequent episodes of wheezing are really bugging me.  So, why is he so miserable this weekend in particular?  Well he heads to the allergist on Tuesday and they want him 3 full days without any meds so he can be thoroughly tested.    Hmm we are now about 36 hours in, and he is walking around with a Kleenex box.  So, I guess the cocktail that he has been on is helping after all!  Hopefully, we will have some more comprehensive answers soon.

::  I received the beautiful felted stone from Julochka in the mail yesterday.  It makes a nice addition to my growing collection of smooth stones and sea glass.  It is so fun getting a little package in the mail with postmarks from Denmark.  Made me smile!

::  I really have been enjoying a few episodes of Extra Virgin.  I love the rustic Italian recipes.  I made the above linked take on a tuna salad sandwich today and it was appreciated by all.

::  We made some significant strides this morning on the barn project.  We re-organized much of the loft and cleared two large sections of the main barn, which are now designated for garden tools and recreational items.  Now we are loading those areas with all of the garden stuff that we have collected over time and had stored in the grainery.  As that empties out B will start construction on his new workshop.  A lot to do, but baby steps, and progress is being made.

::  With freezing rain moving in this afternoon, I think that I will curl up on the couch for a little while and watch a movie with the family, then put some rice pudding on to simmer for a late afternoon snack.

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  1. what a pretty photo of the stone! i saw this ages ago via flipboard, but it wasn't cooperating with me that day on the comments. i finally remember to stop by and comment! i'm glad you like it and it found a home with other stones! i have little baskets and bowls of stones all over the house - i think they give spots of energy.



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