Thursday, January 31, 2013

Evolution and Getting Lost in the Weeds

 January has come and gone in a blink, yet not the whirlwind that typically accompanies such a passage of time.  I felt every minute of it.  I guess that comes from reflecting upon your goals and trying to determine which of the expectations that you have are real versus those you have simply put far too much weight on. As we look at how we have evolved in the last six years, and how we continue to, we have matured and learned that some of the ideals that we have staunchly lived by  maybe should have been less rigid, ebbing and flowing with the realities that we face.  It is so interesting how stubborn deep seeded some of these feelings dwell,  yet the same circumstance to someone else is trivial.  The type A me has just got to let it go. :)

Earlier this week I joined a planning committee for a local non-profit.  I had not sit in on a meeting like this before, so early in the goal setting process  that timelines for accomplishment were just being lain;  like the bricks of a foundation.  It was difficult for all of us not to not "get lost in the weeds" during the discussion, being so eager to put forth ideas and add some more bricks and mortar, before the base layer was dry. 

I read this article today and it was fascinating.  It wonders: have we ever left high school?  The discussion involves brain development, memories, and how we have evolved as social human beings. It goes further to hint at how we perpetuate our experiences, during this pivotal development time (15-25),  both in ourselves as we age and with our children. 

As January merges to February I see that our evolution must move forward by taking our past development with all of its rich lessons and giving ourselves permission to get out of the weeds and continue building on our solid foundation; journeying down our less traveled by road. 


  1. I love this part about winter - the renewal and planning stage of life each year. xo


  2. i am sadly all too familiar with that whole planning committee thing. i can tell you that our group is often lost in the weeds, but they are self-sown weeds, some intentionally so, so it's hard to uproot them without resorting to poison.



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