Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cold Sunsets and Kale Brussels

Driving home from soccer tonight, I had to take a little detour to capture this amazing sunset.  I need to just keep my camera with me all of the time!  It is especially helpful when you pull off the side of the road quickly and put on your hazards.  Once the police officer who happened to be the oncoming car saw me with my window down and the camera, he just cruised on by.  The yellows and golds tonight transported me to the Sahara in summer, amazing since it's winter here.  But thankfully a balmy 40 degrees to melt the last of the weeks ice before the bottom officially drops out later tonight.  We have wind chills well below zero to look forward to the next couple of days.

This truly frigid air that is pending prompted us to make the decision to do the final harvest of our Flower Sprouts ~ Kale/Brussels hybrid.  So in the dusk, we headed outside to pick sprouts.  We planted them in August, and they have been in the garden all winter, and unprotected, AND they are simply beautiful as well as deliciously sweet.  Proof positive that we have had a trend of extremely moderate winter weather to spoil us, allowing us to reap some reward from this concerning pattern.  I hope that if these changed seasons keep up that it does not dull our senses to the reasons behind environmental changes.  We have heard speculation that the Great Lakes area was predicted to become the next great wine region.  If this keeps up, we may need to plant grapes.

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