Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Snow Withdrawl

I have been in a horrible state of snow withdrawal.  Yes, I love the snow, and like to see some of the white stuff, especially leading up to Christmas.  I have been seeing tons of beautiful winter wonderland shots from all over the globe, and that leaves more than a little envious.  We are in what they are calling a snow drought...it has been 280 days since our last measurable snow.  Even though we have had a damp fall, we had drought conditions this summer, and a very mild winter with below average snow fall last year.  I hope this current 'drought' ends soon, as many of our large old trees could really use the time released watering of a good snow pack this year.  

I am appeased by the gorgeous light that this time of year has to offer.  This weekend at Charles' Boy Scout meeting a Science Teacher from a local high school spoke to the boys.  One of the areas that he covered was showing some illusions, and discussing what your eye sees objects, how your brain interprets them, switching them from upside down to right side up, resulting in the final image.  When I enjoyed those last few minutes of golden light last night, I took this shot and it immediately reminded me of that conversation.

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