Monday, October 8, 2012

Worth The Tears

After tearing down the garden delicates on Friday, our kitchen was overflowing with produce that had to be dealt with this weekend.  Yesterday was salsa day, and oh my the house smelled like roasted goodness.  Our tomatillo salsa has very few ingredients and with the exception of olive oil, salt and pepper, everything we produced.  We did a combination of ancho chilies and some little spicy red peppers that have quite a kick.  As I finished slicing tomatillos, B seeded and chopped the red peppers.  I could feel the capsaicin hit my nostrils and my throat catch; we both began to intermittently cough.  Then came peeling onions, because our onions were relatively small, yet abundant, we peeled and quartered lots and lots of them.  Both of the kids had friends over and B and I were coughing and crying, it was quite a sight!  What we ended up with for our trouble was 10 quarts of amazing tomatillo salsa.   Well worth the tears!!

Tomatillo Salsa 

A big bunch of tomatillos (we had 20 lbs)
Lots of Onions, Garlic, and Chilies (to your taste)

We did 4 rimmed cookie sheets full of halved tomatillos, One cookie sheet full of quartered onions and 2 heads of crushed garlic, and one cookie sheet full of ancho chilies with a handful of spicier chilies added to the mix.  Everything was tossed in olive oil, and sprinkled with salt and pepper, then roasted at 400 degrees until soft and browning on top (about an hour).  We through everything in to a large bowl and pulverized with an immersion blender.  Placed in hot jars with a two part lid and canned in a water bath caner.  

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  1. i have been making sauces and jams with chillies. so much fun to make a huge batch and give away as pressies.



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