Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Taking a Few Moments

Today as I was headed to school pick up number one, I took the time and left a few minutes early taking a detour.  We are closing in on our 'peak' color in the next week or so, and I wanted to attempt and catch some of it in this amazing fall light.

After I picked up Sid, as we were headed to get Charles, we took another little jaunt, at which time she took my camera from me to let her eye capture some of the vibrancy around us.

Those few extra minutes added miles out of my way, yet that distance was somehow on the way and did more to ground me than anything else.  I began to recapture that illusive sense of calmness,  I could feel it peaking around the edges, ready to return. 

Proof positive that simply taking a little extra time to slow down and enjoy can be trans-formative.   How are you enjoying the color around you?


  1. Time out with my camera does this to me every time. It is like meditation. I even feel like I breathe differently ~ and it doesn't even take an hour. Loving your Wisconsin Fall. Our leaves are just changing, but we are getting a lot of rain now, too, which can shorten it for us. Going to have to go out and do my sun dance...



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