Saturday, October 20, 2012

Only An American

Though I have strong feelings, I shy away from posting (or speaking for that matter) much of anything to do with politics.  People are far too divided, far too ingrained in their own thoughts and perspectives to even open their minds to others.  Unfortunate really, because I am afraid this country will have to learn some hard lessons, and maybe many of it's citizens can learn some of the basics that we try to teach to our kindergartners about listening, respect, sharing, and compromise.

That said, I had the opportunity to see our First Lady yesterday and what an experience!  Being up close with the First Lady was so moving.  I was able to shake hands with her and talk to her for a moment, enough to move me to tears.  I have tremendous respect for the process and those symbols, and figureheads that we, as a people, have put in place, agree or not.  Just as I was so excited to have Air Force One fly over my house a few weeks ago, or how I get the chills every time I hear our National Anthem, seeing the First Lady yesterday was an honor and you don't necessarily have to be a supporter to feel that way, only an American.

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