Wednesday, September 26, 2012

New Eating Schedule

After a great event for Eat Right Racine last night, of which Charles was a participant in the presentation, the kids came home more excited than ever about what they eat and what great fun varieties we can come up with for lunch.  So what better day than today to begin our no more snacking regimen in lieu of a homestead version of  le goûter. 

It went beautifully!  The kids loved their little satisfying treat and are not at all upset by the empty/former snack cupboard.  As for me, aside from a little planning ahead, like with any other meal, the time to put it together was minimal so totally doable for any family.  

Today they had blood orange slices drizzled in olive oil and topped with diced Kalamata olives.  A square of 60% cacao, and a little piece of baguette with butter and honey (because we're honey crazy right now).  They ate while sitting at the kitchen table and they were eager to talk about the food and brainstorm ideas for tomorrows goûter.  I would say that they savored every bite, well, except for Charles, who put the whole square of cacao in his mouth at once!

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