Thursday, September 13, 2012

I Just Like The Way He Sees Things

photo taken by Sidney

When I picked Charles up at school today we had our usual conversation.  Me:  How was school?  Charles: The Usual.  Me:  What did you do?  Charles: Nothing, watched a movie.  Me:  Really, the second week of school?  What was it about?  Charles:  Some artists.  I could see this conversation was not going anywhere, but then I remembered that in the fourth grade, their first enrichment project involved being assigned an artist and doing a bio and presentation around him/her. 

So I engaged him about the project that I was certain he was beginning, and then he began to chatter away.  He was originally assigned Klaus, whom he didn't care for at all.  I guess that a few of the kids who had a strong opinion could change out with the surplus artists that had not been drawn.  He got Rembrandt.  Oh, I said, that's a good one!  Charles:  He's ok.  He's really pretty boring.  Me:  Well who did you want?  I wanted Van Gough.  He is so cool.  He is just like me, I just like the way he sees things!  That's my boy!

I asked if anyone else switched artists.  Yes, Steven did, he got one (I think maybe Rubens) that did mostly naked girls, it's so nasty, why would the teacher even give that one out!

Ha!  This whole conversation just made me smile on this rainy fall afternoon!

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