Monday, September 10, 2012

Checking Off the Bucket List

This weekend was a tournament weekend for soccer and the location was about an hour away.  Saturday wasn't a big deal, there was only one game.  But Sunday, Charles had a game at 7 am and another at 4 pm (with warm ups beginning 45 minutes prior).  So we decided to see what we could do in the area versus spend the day driving back and forth.  We haven not spent much time in the different burgs North of us, and we hoped to get in some apple picking, lunch and then just see what was to see.  The apple picking was immediately discounted when we got up there.  Due to the extreme warmth early, followed by a single late frost, the apple harvest this year is very limited, so there was no pick your own available. 

We began to look around at some other options.  First, we found a park that has the last covered bridge in Wisconsin.  It was a lovely old bridge, and had a beautiful park to walk around.  We saw a Blue Heron and the kids enjoyed exploring. 

As I looked at the map, I saw the Cedarburg Bog State Natural Area, so we thought we'd check it out.  We found a hiking/boating entrance and walked up the trail.  It was wet and muddy, but that was to be expected after the rain we had last night, and well, it's a bog!  As we got further up the trail the ground got squishy and further yet, it got almost bouncy.  Then we hit a 300 or so foot stretch leading up to the swamp that was simply amazing.  Have you ever walked or run on a trampoline??  Well that was the sensation of the earth under us, and as we walked up the path, we could see it ripple away from us!  Truly an incredible experience, and one to check off the bucket list, not even knowing it should have been there.  B and I discussed this at length as we all walked back toward the car.

We then took a scenic drive several miles further until we reached the Riveredge Creek State Nature Preserve.  We hiked there for a while before heading back into Cedarburg for lunch and some window shopping.  Not too shabby a way to use a day!  It was completely unstructured and unplanned and we were able to do some fun and unexpected things.

Last night before bed, Charles said...'that's one I'm adding to my bucket list', I asked what?  He said; 'being Dr. Who and seeing earth from space.'  Perfect end to the day, I can't wait to hear more of what's on his newly forming bucket list!

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