Saturday, August 25, 2012

Writers Block

This month has been a tough one for posting.  Aside from the fact that we are super busy with getting ready for school, while trying to utilize every last moment of the summer, I got it in my head that I needed to take on a writing project.  Several weeks ago I came across this great magazine called Taproot.  If you are familiar with Soule Mama's blog, then you may have heard of it.  The magazine comes out quarterly.  Each issue has a theme and encourages non-fiction articles, photography and poetry, but most of all creativity.  I decided to throw my hat in for the current issue that they were taking submissions for.  Funny enough, once I decided on doing it, the words all dried up.  I had zero inspiration for blogging, and was so preoccupied trying to come up with an idea for the themed essay that I was frozen. 

Then knowing that I was headed camping with the girl scouts this week and that there would be no time to finish it before it was due when I got back, last weekend I woke up and poof words were overflowing (further evidence supporting that I need a deadline to write).  I always have some scraps a little tablet of paper in the car.  So as I'm trying to jot down thoughts I realize how difficult the physical act of writing is.  When the flow of words comes typing is so seamless, but writing it down, my hands felt knotted and I couldn't get them to work fast enough.  It made me a little wistful to realize how I am losing the art of long hand, and how my kids may never truly have it. Oh, and my handwriting has become atrocious! 

I submitted the article last Saturday and had a response late yesterday.  As with anything, once submissions begin coming in they are picked and puzzled together to compliment one another within the theme.  My article did not fit in the puzzle for the winter issue, but they will keep it on hand in case it fits another theme.  I was also encouraged to continue submitting for future publications and Amanda (Soule Mama) nicely gave me all of the upcoming themes.  I didn't expect to be published on my first shot, just felt that I would take the leap, and was happy for the encouragement to continue.  The article I wrote is an introduction to how we came to the homestead and our journey thus far.  I posted it with my Bio under the new Our Story tab if your interested in seeing it :)

Happy Weekend!

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