Friday, August 17, 2012

Two Seasons In One

 Things have been so busy recently that I have relied heavily on my iPhone to take photos.  There is nothing wrong with that, it does a good job.   However, I have missed my evening walk, spent in part capturing shots, since recently Sidney has monopolized my camera.  I am not complaining, she is doing amazing things!  But yesterday I made a point of carrying my camera with me as we had our evening stroll.  We were not rushed heading in different directions, we were able to meander.  Just as I headed into the garden  a cool breeze whipped up and the trees rustled like crazy.  An early feel of fall was definitely in the air.  That made me smile, as I noticed that the sound of the wind and angle of the light is taking on that autumn feel that I so love. 

This is our last true week of summer vacation and I can hardly believe how it has flow by!  I think that we have all been fooled by our crazy weather all year.  We had lilacs at the end of February and then they grew all their new growth.  Once the rain finally came, they began to bud once again and are now experiencing a second growth of branches for next years blooms!  This is truly like two seasons in one for us Wisconsinites!  Nothing reflects that more perfectly that blooming lilacs with an almost completely orange pumpkin on the vine below.  An auspicious mingling of my favorite things, lilacs and fall.  Who'd have thought?  Happy Weekend!

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