Thursday, August 9, 2012

Taking Leaps

Over the last couple of days as I was perusing Pinterest looking for new and interesting ways to preserve food from the harvest, I seemed to repeatedly come across a saying; 'If your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough.'  That statement has resonated with me especially since it seems that trying new things that cause some anxiety seems to be how we roll.  What causes the anxiety?  Is it the newness of the thought?  The fear of failure?  Being taken out of a comfort zone?  Some leaps you have no choice about, like the leap that Sidney is about to make into middle school.  As you get older, I am finding that the leaps that we take are well thought out,  and come from a place of deep belief, commitment, and choices we make in creating our life.  However you put yourself out there, if it's new and scary, it tends to have great reward.  The feelings of unease may not disappear overnight either; conquering fear may not be in the initial decision, but as a result of repeatedly making that decision until you realize there was no need for the fear to begin with.    What leaps are you ready to take?

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