Monday, August 27, 2012

Party Like It's 1599

One of our families favorite summer traditions is to go to the Renaissance Faire.  We started going when Sidney was six and would like to go every year, but it seems that we are on an every other year pattern.  This year's timing worked out for us perfectly.  We had long ago set plans to meet up with some friends for the day, and we all excitedly counted down.  Of course in our record dry summer (though we have had some periodic relief in the last month), the one day we pick to go was forecast to have scattered showers most of the day.  It did not disappoint!  The rain was more on again than off again, with perfect timing beginning as we strolled through the gate.  But it was warm, a steady light rain, and a lot of good natured people who were all are there for love of the event, so spirit's were high!  There is always plenty of great food and drink, attractions, shows, revelry and livery.  Since I have spent most of the summer reading historical fiction novels set in the 16th century, It was the perfect cap to my summer. So whether it was watching the joust with the Queen,

Cheering on the Fire Whip,

getting a lesson in Falconry,

enjoying a sassy court fool in the pouring rain,

kids of all ages in the 300 battle,

or dad trying out the Didgeridoo while sporting his daughter's new cape, 

the day was a memorable day,  partying like it was 1599!

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