Wednesday, August 1, 2012

July In Review

July was a busy month and it went by in a flash. We traveled, experienced new things, hosted our fifth annual chili cook-off, delivered two great farm bags, and had an amazing fair week and that was just in our spare time! I found myself reaching for my iPhone more this month than usual for picture taking. In all of the busyness, I at least always had it at the ready. As we move into August, I plan to capture the month more predominantly with the 'big camera.'  I found there to be a lot of repetition in my photographs, those that I chose for the PAD and the others that I took.  You may notice that four of the days here involved berries.  If it gives you an inclination of our berry harvest this year, I think that I have berry shots from every day!  I had grand intentions of jam making, which I did about two dozen jars of, but they have come so fast that I am flash freezing everything so that I can more thoughtfully process them after the fervor of summer harvest ends.  Here are a few glimpses of our July.
July in Review
1. 7/1/12 Faning, 2. 7/2/12 Gooseberry Pie Filling, 3. 7/3/12 Meet Lion, 4. 7/4/12 Stumped Grandma, 5. 7/5/12 Climbing, 6. 7/6/12 Tasty, 7. 7/7/12 Sand dollar headed home, 8. 7/8/12 Surfin', 9. 7/9/12 Reel, 10. 7/10/12 Randomness, 11. 7/11/12 Boysenberries, 12., 13. 7/13/12 What's that falling from the sky?, 14. 7/14/12 Boys, 15. 7/15/12 Under the Carpet, 16. 7/16/12 Pie to Be, 17. 7/17/12 An errant lilac re-blooming despite drought and heat, what could be more auspicious than that?, 18. 7/18/12 Beautiful basil, a sampling in this weeks farm bags!, 19. 7/19/12 Mini Rex, 20. 7/20/12 Sick boy happy to be home (holding on to Sids foot), 21. 7/21/12 Rabbit barn set up--Boys!, 22. 7/22/12 Natural Pectin, 23. 7/23/12 Herb Tea, 24. 7/24/12 Dot on a hot day at the fair, 25. 7/25/12 ~Photography Judging, 26. 7/26/12 Veggie Judging, 27. 7/27/12 Winning Rabbits, 28. 7/28/12 Bull Ride-er, 29. 7/29/12 Funnel Goodness, 30. 7/30/12 Did it! First ride down!, 31. 7/31/12 Gourd Peek

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  1. so jealous of all the berries you have!



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