Thursday, May 17, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

The chickens are out for their evening romp and have created quite the little routine.  They head out of their run area straight across the yard to bask in the shade under a big maple tree.  Alex, the rooster, stands tall and alert as his harem dusts and scratches.  Then they meander to the asparagus patch to pick around.  Their migration next takes them to the raspberry beds until they circle back to the barn to roost for the evening.  

With all of the busyness that seems to consume us every day, the next two nights we have no commitments!  Thankfully, that will give us a little down time to prepare for the next eight grueling days of ultimate activity.  We are on a downhill sprint to the end of the school year, the last few weeks of the soccer season and the upward tick of 4H activities and prepping for the county fair.  This just happens to be the no mans land when everything overlaps.

The signs of summer abound and the berry plants are all beginning to flower.  Our first round should be strawberries and we are so excited to see the volume of little berries to be.  We have been actively planting in the garden and hopefully the promise of all of the emerging mini plants will be fulfilled. 

As we head toward the weekend, I leave you with my Charlie-ism of the week.  He got into the car after school yesterday singing.   "I've got the moves like Fisher, I've got the moves like Fisher, I've got the mooooooves like Fisher."  Sung to the Jagger tune.  Very proud of his recent chess acquisitions!

My Sidney, sheesh when did my kids get so smart moment, when it came to adding fractions with unlike denominators for homework: Me: "Sidney I need to see your text book to refresh myself on this." Sidney: "the teacher never uses the text book.". Me: "well I haven't seen this stuff in like 28 years.". Sidney: "then what's the point of learning it of I'm not going to use it?" hmmmm

What are your thoughts on this Thursday night?

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