Sunday, May 20, 2012

Sous Chef

After a long weekend of soccer, little boys still have boundless energy.  Especially when dad asks them if they would help and it involves sanctioned use of a knife.  So boosted up by a case of dog food, Charles handled the chef's knife with ease and dad boogied to the Gibb brothers, while mama took pictures.

This smile was prompted by Sidney's cry of foul for allowing Charles to handle a knife.  Oh, the drama! 

A couple of other things that made me smile today...

*When today's tournament game was called after the half due to lightening and the fields were being evacuated, our challengers forfeited and left.  So coach handed out the medals quick while we were walking out.   He said: "I think I'll just hang these medals on your children's necks while we're being evacuated for lightening." :D

*I purchased Lisa Marie's album after seeing her on Idol Thursday night and I gotta say that I am kind of digging on it.

*We are 3/4 done with having this years garden planted.  Whew, if that doesn't make you smile, I don't know what will! :)

BTW, our little sous chef was chopping tops off of those fresh from the garden green onions, for tonight's dinner, a green onion pesto.  Bon Appetite!

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