Monday, May 14, 2012

Planning and Planting

Sugar Snap Peas
We are early risers. Partially because I don’t want to spend all of the kids waking time doing chores, so I try to get stuff done before they get up, and partially because we need copious amounts of coffee to kick start our day.

This time of year our priorities shift to running out to the garden before work, at lunch, and after work. Today at lunch it was 80 degrees in the shade. Beautiful by all accounts, except for when you need to weed beds, get more seeds set and water young tender plants that are undergoing a temperature shock. Even though it’s technically two more weeks before the generally accepted safe start date for summer planting, we feel a little under the gun to get everything in the ground and started. This time of year is always nerve wracking that way…decisions, decisions.

This weekend in between soccer games and birthday parties, we were able to get fairly caught up on a backlog of chores that resulted from our 30 year old tractor being perpetually on the fritz. Now, fixed, for the moment at least, we feel caught up and can a little more leisurely go about planning, planting, weeding and implementing. I so look forward to our nightly strolls through the garden, picking our supper and weeding as we meander. To check out what we planted this weekend, go here. What is your process for planning and planting?  Happy Monday!

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